Project Summary

We were approached by the client with the challenge of implementing topping to their yogurt line. They were looking for a new presentation that was portable and convenient. Their objective was to standout in the shelf throughout an innovative design utilizing a diameter that was not common in the market for a yogurt/snacking solution.

Project Objectives

Ahead of the trend: Toppings
Ahead of the trend: Toppings
Ahead of the trend: Toppings


Developing a new product from scratch in less than 9 months. Client needed to go to market and we had to invest on molds, cavities and robots. Quality ration needed to be under 0.02% for large production scale.  


Quality vision system was implemented for their decoration processes. We aligned to the customer need of having a portable and convenient presentation for snacking. Grupo Phoenix was able to make it in the time range that the customer asked for.