Project Summary

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a process which uses pressure to neutralize bacteria thus achieving a 5 log reduction without the use of heat or preservatives. We have been approached by various clients looking for solutions to extend shelf life without preservatives and HPP is a great fit. We developed solutions athat lead the way for HPP products such as guacamole, juices, sauces, seafood, and more.

Project Objectives

The Grupo Phoenix team had to find innovations where there would be no compromise in product quality, design, and presentation of the packaging, seal, and in the art. We we had to find optimum ink choices and material combinations that would work for the client.
HPP and Retort: Extending Shelf Life
HPP and Retort: Extending Shelf Life
HPP and Retort: Extending Shelf Life


We had the challenge of combining the fill, packaging, and storage conditions of the client. The product had to sustain cooking temperatures of 140-158 degrees, HPP processing at a minimum of 6000 bars for 3 minutes, and storage at refrigerated temperatures of 41-45 degrees. We had to perform multiple laboratory tests to find the ideal conditions and seal parameters for the product.


High barrier containers keep the freshness and flavor in your favorite meals.