Project Summary

A change in altitude often causes the expansion or collapse of cup and thus product integrity is often compromised. Additionally, when product experienced a change in altitude and the client opened it it would often pop and spill. We needed to create an environment where this would not compromise the company or the client.

Project Objectives

Create a cup that would maintain its composition with changes in altitude. Prevent a "pop" when the consumer opened the product for consumption.
Packaging at High Altitude
Packaging at High Altitude
Packaging at High Altitude


Determining pressure points and manipulating materials so that the deformation would offset pressure at the desired point in high altitude conditions.


Our revolutionary engineering created a solution that offsets the pressure in altitude changes. Diaphragm compression bottom in thermoformed cup- Designed a thermoformed cup with a DIAPHRAGM to allow yogurts to be packaged at altitude of 8,600 ft and withstand going to sea level without colapsing. This in addition a 7.0gr cup replaced a failed 13 gr cup.