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    Where is Grupo Phoenix located?

    We have grown with our clients across the globe. You can find our individual plant locations here: Locations

    I am interested in requesting a quote, what do I do?

    We recommend clients first search in our product catalog to see if there is a stock item they are interested in.

    You can compare products by selecting them in the product catalog and then clicking "compare"

    If you are interested in a custom development, send us a note here: CONNECT

    Where can I find your job position offer and career opportunities?

    You can learn about career opportunities and see open jobs here: CAREERS

    What is high barrier packaging?

    High barrier packaging is yout best choice to preserve the best in your product. The technology allows to keep freshness, aroma and flavor inside, while moisture, oxygen transmission and other elements stay off the container, keeping your product in optimal conditions.

    Our containers are thermoformed with different materials that are laminated in a multilayer sheet, then thermoformed to create the cup. Products like coffee, baby food, fruits and other sensitive food can stay longer in our packaging.

    What decoration capabilities does Grupo Phoenix have?

    We have different options for decorating your product in different technologies: from direct printing, to In-mold label for injected products.

    Shrink sleeves, self-adhesive labels, offset printing up to 8 colors, and flexography, printed cardboard, IML for injection containers and pre-printed forming materials for lids and trays.

    For aluminum foil we have flexo-printing and able to print two-sided printed foil with FDA approved inks.

    What is pre-printed lids?

    Pre-printed lids is a technology to make the printing on the sheet that will later be thermoformed, allows new ways to show graphics in your product. The main advantage is the use of the entire surface of the lid for printing which has other benefits such as:

    Graphic matches between printed art and the design or shape of the cover. This technology adapts the graphic artwork into the lid shape, with different colors and geometries which can vary on the changes of section in the lid. This offers a unique design, impossible to achieve with traditional printing methods.

    Flexibility in production: in cases where different references and flavors of a product needs to be differentiated by the pigment of the plastic material, now it is possible to manufacture them from the same material with impressions in different colors and artworks. As a suggestion we recommend to use simple graphics or random patterns which doesn't contain fonts or any text information, in order to prevent any text distotion.

    Possibility of generating new design concepts such as: product display windows using translucent sheets, it is possible to leave spaces artistically designed to allow the visualization of the product.

    What printing process do you have?

    We have dry offset, flexography, rotogravure, conventional offset up to 12 inks, the highest quality and the best materials.

    Which is the best way to start defining the best packaging for my product?

    To respond to your needs, we have different alternatives to create the best packaging for your product. First of all you can access our product catalog online, if you need more specific attention, you can contact our customer service line, request a quote or contact our sales team. We also have at your disposal a team of designers and engineers that will help you develop the right packaging according to your needs.

    What if I don't have any idea in how to pack my product?

    In our creative activities, we can coordinate a visit to your plant, and collaborate to create a packaging together. Our R&D team set a workshop session to gather ideas, set the packaging main features, create prototypes and renders to show you your desired packaging.


    Our clients are our partners. If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

    Yes, please

    Career opportunities

    We have the structure of a corporation with a unique culture of entepreneuership. If you have what it takes, we would like to hear from you! Grupo Phoenix is an equal opportunity employer. We are deeply committed to our community, our people, and the countries where we have established operations.

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