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Grupo Phoenix is going through a very dynamic phase in innovation and new applications development, using new materials, processes and design technologies, based on the quality of our products to keep market positioning and recognition.

Grupo Phoenix

As part of our environmental commitment, we have developed our own GeoPack brand, which focuses on packaging made from renewable materials, and focuses on developments that minimize greenhouse gases. This line is complemented with paper pulp containers, coming from sugarcane production residues, which provides an excellent sustainable alternative.

Carbon Footprint Calculations per Product

Our proprietary programs can calculate the carbon footprint of all our projects. This allows clients to make better informed decisions about the packaging they select and work towards our same combined goal of helping the enviornment.

Enviornmentally responsible manufacturing

Our production practices always aim to be more efficient and less wasteful. We look for each product we make to be increasingly more environmentally friendly. A large percentage of our products are 100% recyclable.

EcoDesign and Green Purchasing Initiatives

The practice of integrating environmental impact in the design and development process of our products. At Grupo Phoenix it is ​​very important to encourage the recycling and re-use of products, we have focused on including post-consumer PET from recycled water bottles that have been ultra-washed and transformed into resin for the production of new packaging. In this way, the use of virgin PET is reduced and the carbon footprint of our products is reduced. It is especially used for yogurt cups. Its origin is not petroleum and does not require an exhaustive refining like those of polyolefin. Phoenix's Purchase Green program seeks to strengthen the supply chain by standardizing processes generating added value from the environmental perspective both to our customers and suppliers.

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