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    The decision makers are involved in the day to day.

    We are rigid packaging manufacturers who specialize in innovative custom solutions. We focus on plastic and paper cup solutions. We like to solve problems. We like to be strategic partners to our clients and find solutions that translate to profitable business decisions. We work with large companies as well as small companies that we identify as high growth industry disruptors. We work to push the boundaries everyday. We are Grupo Phoenix.

    We have grown following our customers and now we have 16 production plants located in Colombia, United States, Mexico, Uruguay, and Venezuela, including a petrochemical plant for the production of polystyrene; and servicing over 30 countries. We are currently the strategic packaging partner for leaders across multiple categories and segments such as dairy, desserts, coffee, beverages, ice cream, soups, spreads, cosmetics and household cleaning areas, among more than other 20 vertical markets.

    Grupo Phoenix is proud to be a Minority Owned Business. “Grupo” is the Spanish word for group. It is no coincidence that it is in our name. We function as a family and as a group. We are the Grupo Phoenix family. We encourage each other to constantly learn and grow. We are proud of so many co-workers that have been with us for many years and we are proudly committed to the communities around us.

    Who we are

    Meet the team

    We are a family rich in culture, united by multiple languages, and who is constantly thinking and challenging, to unlock great solutions in the industry. They represent our creative thinkers and business leaders who push the boundaries everyday.

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