Camilo Mora

Camilo Mora

Colombia Country Director

“Yes we can!”

Camilo's energetic persona and continuous drive has been key to the growth of Grupo Phoenix. Camilo came to Grupo Phoenix with a unique background in media and marketing. He studied Business and Marketing Administration with an emphasis on sales from Florida International University.

His unique understanding of the latin american market has allowed us to be the first innovators of key trends. His "can do" attitude and way of thinking has continuously encouraged his peers to make the impossible possible.

Camilo joined Grupo Phoenix 12 years ago as Product Manager and international sales director. He acquired extensive experience in the sales and export areas. In 2016, he took on his biggest challenge yet and became the Director of Grupo Phoenix for Colombia, where he currently manages operations.

Camilo is also an avid athlete who loves to run and bike. Do not race him, you will not win!